About Twirllinks

Twirllinks exist since July, 2011.

The domain was been made then but without any concrete purposes, what, where to use.


The Twirllinks shops come out when Twirllinks starts to buy and sell online in FINN.NO - it is a good Norwegian online buy and sell website.

Twirllinks made a success moves there and it motivates to move on and found out that Twirllinks.com will start as an independent website. It is a small business site but it has an interesting products to provide.


Twirllinks now will provide interesting products that might interest you too.

Gadgets will be the first hit on the store and this products will come from the different warehouse.

US, UK, Hongkong, Singapore and Japan.


Twirllinks provide a free shipment. Since it is free, it may take from 2 to 45 working days after purchase. It depends on where part of the world you´re product will be ship. It also depend on products availability and of which warehouse are from. If it happened that you are in EU and the product is available in UK warehouse, then it may take to 3 - 15 working days. If you are located in US, and the product you purchase is available then it may take 2 to 5 working days.


The company office is located in Drammen, 3040 Norway.

Pls. send us email and we are willing to assist you.





Thank you!




Drammen, NO.